Warm boots for the winter – these are the alternatives to Ugg boots

Cuddly Ugg boots belong in the cold season for years to the streetscape. But there are alternatives that are even better for a variety of reasons.


Beautiful warm boots are simply irreplaceable in winter. They keep feet warm and dry at best, so you can maneuver safely through snow and ice. Many women swear by Uggs for years. The lambskin boots are mostly made of soft suede leather on the inside and cuddly warm lined with lambskin and super comfortable. But the Ugg boots also have disadvantages:

1. Real Uggs are quite expensive with well over one hundred euros

2. Sheep have to suffer for production, and the animal welfare organization Peta has been denouncing the brutal methods of producing fur for years.

3. Uggs are not completely waterproof and snow creates ugly edges.

4. The shapeless footbed creates a shuffling gait, warned by experts.

5. Orthopedists see the strain on the joints and cartilage damage because the boots give the feet no stability. In the worst case, X-legs may develop or the kneecap needs to be realigned.


So there are enough reasons to look for alternatives. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the original despite the disadvantages of the Uggs, you will find it at the Bearpaw brand. The Californian label is visually strongly based on the original, but the boots are already for around 80 euros to have. A vegan alternative to the original Uggs is the snug boot by Vegetarian Shoes in imitation suede, which is still slightly cheaper than the original.

If you prefer to bid farewell to the Uggs, you do not have to freeze. There are many great and warming alternatives for the winter. For example, shoes of the Swiss shoe manufacturer Ammann: The traditional brand makes rugged boots made of cowhide, which have a non-slip thick sole and on top are the boots lined with lambskin.

An interesting alternative is also the warm boots of the British brand Fit Flop. The boots of the Snugger collection are also lined with sheepskin and look quite similar to Uggs. But they are water repellent and sit narrower on the foot. The special molded sole is also designed to form the muscles of the legs and buttocks and act against cellulite while walking.

If all these alternatives are still too tedious for you, all you have to do is stay warmand sturdy on your way through mud and mud Wear boots and then slip into the noble pumps in the office. So you have something of your winter boots for a long time, you should pay attention in any case to a good impregnation. If snow blades have formed, house remedies help. With a lemon half or half an onion you can rub in the places. Allow to soak in and then wipe off and then grease and polish the shoes, depending on the material.

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