Hair dry or wet, that’s the question

From the usual routines at the hairdresser, one rarely deviates. The washing of the hair is an integral part. But not only wet, but also dry haircuts have great advantages that you certainly did not know yet.


Clear, wash, cut, blow dry – the standard package at your favorite barber is always a pleasure and a mini-recovery from the stresses of everyday life. You just enjoy and never question if that’s good for your hair at all. The barber is finally a professional and knows what he does. In fact, there are hair types, the hair washing before cutting does not do so well and should better put on a dry section. For which type the wet variant and for which the dry is better suited, we tell you here.

If you have a wild mane with lots of volume or curls, you should rather put on a dry haircut. Especially curls in the wet state like to do what they want and you never really know what the final cut will look like later.

Even with very voluminous hair hair cutting is recommended in the dry. This makes it much easier for the hairdresser to recognize at which points something more may be cut away and where he would rather leave the scissors off

However, the many advantages of dry hair cutting do not mean that you should wash your hair in the future and do without the relaxed head massage. Especially if you tend to have straight hair or you want a simple haircut without steps, it’s a good idea to wet your hair. For the hairdresser, it is easier to cut a straight and precise line. In addition, you get the wet haircut to enjoy the great care products that make your hair very soft and so wonderfully good smell. The head massage on the sink is just the icing on the cake.

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