Lip care: Tips & tricks for beautiful lips

Brittle lips can be really annoying, especially when they are not as tender and supple as you really like them. Especially in winter, the dry heating air and the cold are the biggest problem. But the combination of moisture and cold can lead to chapped lips. But what really helps? We’ll tell you what you can do about permanently dry and chapped lips.


Green Tea: The tannin in green tea helps your lips to regenerate broken skin cells. For this you usually pour a tea bag with green tea, let it draw for 2-3 minutes and then cool the bag a bit. If it is not too hot, put the teabag on your lips for about 5 minutes. After that they will feel better again!

Drink enough: If you want to have beautiful and healthy lips, make sure to drink enough liquid, preferably water and unsweetened teas. It should be at least 2 liters a day, because if the body does not get enough fluid, which is not only generally bad for the organism, but also bad for your lip texture. With enough fluid, the elasticity of your lips is preserved. However, if your body gets too little, just this elasticity is lost and the lips are cracked.

Vaseline or milking fat: If your lips are really brittle and dry, then keep your fingers away from Labellos. Give your lips a really strong fat cure with Vaseline. The grease provides excellent protection against dehydration and overuse of the lips. The application is quite simple: Smear milking fat thinly on the lips and you’re done. You are welcome to repeat the application as often as necessary.


Shea butter is ideal for lip care. With shea butter you can fight chapped and brittle lips.

Pure nature! If it burns again and your lips are super brittle, then we can recommend you the perfect home remedy for beautiful lips: Honey! Not only delicious, but also makes buttery lips. Simply apply to the lips and (if possible) leave on for 5 minutes.

SOS lip mask: You have the feeling that your lips are beyond saving? They burn and dry out constantly. Nothing helps? Then try a Bepanthen lip mask. The ingredient dexpanthenol is a true miracle cure for your disgusted lips. Simply apply a thick coat to the lips overnight.

Prevention: Unfortunately, especially in the summer, the lips are often forgotten. In addition to an acute treatment, of course, the prevention is very important. That’s why you should definitely treat your lips with sunscreen products.

Kissing does not only make you happy, but also beautiful lips. By kissing the blood circulation is stimulated, which ensures regeneration!