Gucci is in resistance

With this fashion message Gucci should probably make everyone happy: Just be yourself!

As an act of resistance, Alessandro Michele, the label’s creative director, defined his Spring / Summer 2018 collection presented on Wednesday. The show was the first highlight of Milan’s fashion week, which started on Wednesday and runs until Monday.

Women's Gucci

Past replicas of ancient statues and through archways, the models hurried on a course that reminded of a kart track, under twinkling flashes of light. The intricacies of the collection could be so often only guess. Here sparkled sequins, where massive shoulders built up. Gucci logos and the double-G logo were visible. A cape leads into the sacred, the tracksuit into the profane. There are lavish, imaginative, bizarre, if somewhat less excessive mixed together than in previous collections. Even a classic suit has already appeared.

But these are just details. Alessandro Michele is always more concerned about the story behind it. In his press release he refers to Deleuze, Camus and Heidegger. Resistance is his topic. Against the acceleration in life, against the illusion of being constantly new, against conformity. From the mouth of a fashion designer are almost subversive thoughts.

Milan Fashion Week has now gained momentum. In the coming days, for example, Prada, Versace and Giorgio Armani are waiting for other top names in the Italian designer scene.