Invited to the wedding? The most beautiful dresses for your guest look

It’s that time again: Every year at this time, the wedding season is opened and the invitations flutter so many in the house that you can barely resist them. And while the happy bride has already chosen her dream dress at best, the search for the invited guests really starts. Of course, the bride has to be in the center, but you still want to cut a good figure on the wedding photo. And that’s how the question-and-carousel goes: What wedding guest dresses should i wear? Subtle, feminine or colorful? Long or short? Do not despair, but concentrate on your anticipation. I have compiled the most beautiful wedding guest dresses here and in our picture gallery for a successful guest look.

Chicregina-Sheath-Bateau-Knee-Length-Chiffon-Dress-With-Beading (1)

Wedding celebrations are not just a special affair for the happy bridal couple! Even as a invited guest you want to dress up nicely, feel elegant and feminine and just enjoy the day: The right dress contributes to this course, of course! Unfortunately, you can do a lot wrong too:

Yes, of course you already know that you should not wear a white dress next to the bride. But there are also many other fashion faux pas that you commit faster than you would like. For example, not only a pure snow-white, but also a cream, champagne and eggshell – in short, all the warm white nuances – also an absolute taboo!

You may like to attract attention, but not at any price: too short-cut mini dresses, sweeping necklines, skin-tight Lycra fabrics? All these things have lost nothing at a wedding party. Even narrow, narrow tube dresses with gauzy spaghetti straps, just in vogue, are not an outfit for a wedding ceremony, especially not when it is performed in the church. After all, you do not want to appear disrespectful to the bridal couple and end up negatively conspicuous, right?


Not only too short hems and too low cleavage can be uncomfortable, even eccentric, very colorful dresses are a no go. You must not forget: It is the most beautiful day of the bride and not a catwalk occasion for your new Moschino dress! So please let the wild, exotic fiddles definitely hang in the closet and practice your composure.

The beauty of modern wedding celebrations today is that most follow a certain motto and often provide a dress code. Thus, your agony of choice is at least a little limited: Hippie, Bohemian, burlesque, very classic, in retro or princess style, for every motto can find the right dress. It is important that you agree with the bride and groom and are well informed.

By the way: Black cocktail dresses are now perfectly sociable and in combination with lace a popular choice, especially if the wedding is designed in a Bohemian flair. Is the wedding party in the evening and announced as a special festive? Then your dress may also be quiet floor length. If the wedding takes place during the day in the church or on the registry office, then you should definitely resort to the proven midi length.

Enough told, finally say yes! and discover the most beautiful dresses from Chicregina, Gucci, Victoria’s secret and Dior. for your successful wedding guest look!