The agony of choice: the right outfit for the graduation

It’s that time of the year again. You can literally grab the excitement, the energy and the anticipation with your hands. The air crackles with tension. The Baccalaureate is just around the corner and for many young men and women now begins the moment they have been working for the last years of school.


In addition to the preparations for the exams, of course, a lot of time has to be spent preparing the festivities. It’s about Goethe and Shakespeare, about algorithms and Gaussian formulas and about the right location for the prom, the right music and the topic for the last day of school. With all the preparations, important things often remain or are simply overlooked. Such as choosing the right prom dresses outfit.

For women, there is the whole course a bit more complicated. Of course you can also to the “little black dress” fall back, but mostly you want yes but then wear something special on such a special night. The imagination is almost limitless. wants to be on the safe side should opt for a cocktail dress. This is elegant and sexy at once.


Everything is allowed for the colors, as long as they are not too bright and colorful. A dress that mixes different shades is also a no-go. In the event that it should be too cool in the evening , you can of course also stylishly combine the dress with a wide scarf .

If there is not enough time to go shopping between studying and preparing for the graduation party, there are various online shops. A large selection of ball gowns can be found from website.

Which handbag for which occasion?

We women and our handbags – a clearly complicated relationship. There is always something to stow, so it can not be thought away. The only question is, which to which outfit? We make your choice easier!

womens handbag

Small handbags are perfect for evening events and activities where you might feel overdressed with a clutch. Be it a date, a movie with friends or just a coffee. During the day, the small shoulder bag – worn over the shoulder or worn as a crossbody bag – is a wonderfully practical companion. From wallets to keys fit in the little things of everyday life.

Due to the currently rather colorful designs, they can also be a real eye-catcher, as well as give your everyday outfit a certain lightness. The beauties are available in fabric or in leather and can be perfectly combined to a casual outfit. If you invest more in the classic high quality models in black or cognac brown, you can even enjoy them for a lifetime.

handbags for women7

The all-rounder under the bags. The medium-sized shoulder bag is a constant everyday companion. In the office, when shopping or cycling – everywhere they are represented and not without reason. A classic shoulder bag offers storage space and is therefore the perfect companion in your free time and professional life.

Classically thrown over their shoulders, calendars, documents, notebooks and tablets easily fit in here. Sometimes they are even enough for spontaneous weekend trips or days at the lake.

It belongs to the classics with short handles and is worn either in the crook of the arm or traditionally in the hand. Simply the perfect companion for the whole day, because in a dead you get almost your entire household.

As an urban variant, you can also combine the handle bag with your leisure outfit. There are any colors and shapes to choose from. Investing in a sturdy model would probably be best for your leisure time.

With the timeless version in black smooth leather, you are well served in any everyday situation and can certainly be worn in the office or on business appointments.

Gucci is in resistance

With this fashion message Gucci should probably make everyone happy: Just be yourself!

As an act of resistance, Alessandro Michele, the label’s creative director, defined his Spring / Summer 2018 collection presented on Wednesday. The show was the first highlight of Milan’s fashion week, which started on Wednesday and runs until Monday.

Women's Gucci

Past replicas of ancient statues and through archways, the models hurried on a course that reminded of a kart track, under twinkling flashes of light. The intricacies of the collection could be so often only guess. Here sparkled sequins, where massive shoulders built up. Gucci logos and the double-G logo were visible. A cape leads into the sacred, the tracksuit into the profane. There are lavish, imaginative, bizarre, if somewhat less excessive mixed together than in previous collections. Even a classic suit has already appeared.

But these are just details. Alessandro Michele is always more concerned about the story behind it. In his press release he refers to Deleuze, Camus and Heidegger. Resistance is his topic. Against the acceleration in life, against the illusion of being constantly new, against conformity. From the mouth of a fashion designer are almost subversive thoughts.

Milan Fashion Week has now gained momentum. In the coming days, for example, Prada, Versace and Giorgio Armani are waiting for other top names in the Italian designer scene.

Lip care: Tips & tricks for beautiful lips

Brittle lips can be really annoying, especially when they are not as tender and supple as you really like them. Especially in winter, the dry heating air and the cold are the biggest problem. But the combination of moisture and cold can lead to chapped lips. But what really helps? We’ll tell you what you can do about permanently dry and chapped lips.


Green Tea: The tannin in green tea helps your lips to regenerate broken skin cells. For this you usually pour a tea bag with green tea, let it draw for 2-3 minutes and then cool the bag a bit. If it is not too hot, put the teabag on your lips for about 5 minutes. After that they will feel better again!

Drink enough: If you want to have beautiful and healthy lips, make sure to drink enough liquid, preferably water and unsweetened teas. It should be at least 2 liters a day, because if the body does not get enough fluid, which is not only generally bad for the organism, but also bad for your lip texture. With enough fluid, the elasticity of your lips is preserved. However, if your body gets too little, just this elasticity is lost and the lips are cracked.

Vaseline or milking fat: If your lips are really brittle and dry, then keep your fingers away from Labellos. Give your lips a really strong fat cure with Vaseline. The grease provides excellent protection against dehydration and overuse of the lips. The application is quite simple: Smear milking fat thinly on the lips and you’re done. You are welcome to repeat the application as often as necessary.


Shea butter is ideal for lip care. With shea butter you can fight chapped and brittle lips.

Pure nature! If it burns again and your lips are super brittle, then we can recommend you the perfect home remedy for beautiful lips: Honey! Not only delicious, but also makes buttery lips. Simply apply to the lips and (if possible) leave on for 5 minutes.

SOS lip mask: You have the feeling that your lips are beyond saving? They burn and dry out constantly. Nothing helps? Then try a Bepanthen lip mask. The ingredient dexpanthenol is a true miracle cure for your disgusted lips. Simply apply a thick coat to the lips overnight.

Prevention: Unfortunately, especially in the summer, the lips are often forgotten. In addition to an acute treatment, of course, the prevention is very important. That’s why you should definitely treat your lips with sunscreen products.

Kissing does not only make you happy, but also beautiful lips. By kissing the blood circulation is stimulated, which ensures regeneration!

Invited to the wedding? The most beautiful dresses for your guest look

It’s that time again: Every year at this time, the wedding season is opened and the invitations flutter so many in the house that you can barely resist them. And while the happy bride has already chosen her dream dress at best, the search for the invited guests really starts. Of course, the bride has to be in the center, but you still want to cut a good figure on the wedding photo. And that’s how the question-and-carousel goes: What wedding guest dresses should i wear? Subtle, feminine or colorful? Long or short? Do not despair, but concentrate on your anticipation. I have compiled the most beautiful wedding guest dresses here and in our picture gallery for a successful guest look.

Chicregina-Sheath-Bateau-Knee-Length-Chiffon-Dress-With-Beading (1)

Wedding celebrations are not just a special affair for the happy bridal couple! Even as a invited guest you want to dress up nicely, feel elegant and feminine and just enjoy the day: The right dress contributes to this course, of course! Unfortunately, you can do a lot wrong too:

Yes, of course you already know that you should not wear a white dress next to the bride. But there are also many other fashion faux pas that you commit faster than you would like. For example, not only a pure snow-white, but also a cream, champagne and eggshell – in short, all the warm white nuances – also an absolute taboo!

You may like to attract attention, but not at any price: too short-cut mini dresses, sweeping necklines, skin-tight Lycra fabrics? All these things have lost nothing at a wedding party. Even narrow, narrow tube dresses with gauzy spaghetti straps, just in vogue, are not an outfit for a wedding ceremony, especially not when it is performed in the church. After all, you do not want to appear disrespectful to the bridal couple and end up negatively conspicuous, right?


Not only too short hems and too low cleavage can be uncomfortable, even eccentric, very colorful dresses are a no go. You must not forget: It is the most beautiful day of the bride and not a catwalk occasion for your new Moschino dress! So please let the wild, exotic fiddles definitely hang in the closet and practice your composure.

The beauty of modern wedding celebrations today is that most follow a certain motto and often provide a dress code. Thus, your agony of choice is at least a little limited: Hippie, Bohemian, burlesque, very classic, in retro or princess style, for every motto can find the right dress. It is important that you agree with the bride and groom and are well informed.

By the way: Black cocktail dresses are now perfectly sociable and in combination with lace a popular choice, especially if the wedding is designed in a Bohemian flair. Is the wedding party in the evening and announced as a special festive? Then your dress may also be quiet floor length. If the wedding takes place during the day in the church or on the registry office, then you should definitely resort to the proven midi length.

Enough told, finally say yes! and discover the most beautiful dresses from Chicregina, Gucci, Victoria’s secret and Dior. for your successful wedding guest look!

Warm boots for the winter – these are the alternatives to Ugg boots

Cuddly Ugg boots belong in the cold season for years to the streetscape. But there are alternatives that are even better for a variety of reasons.


Beautiful warm boots are simply irreplaceable in winter. They keep feet warm and dry at best, so you can maneuver safely through snow and ice. Many women swear by Uggs for years. The lambskin boots are mostly made of soft suede leather on the inside and cuddly warm lined with lambskin and super comfortable. But the Ugg boots also have disadvantages:

1. Real Uggs are quite expensive with well over one hundred euros

2. Sheep have to suffer for production, and the animal welfare organization Peta has been denouncing the brutal methods of producing fur for years.

3. Uggs are not completely waterproof and snow creates ugly edges.

4. The shapeless footbed creates a shuffling gait, warned by experts.

5. Orthopedists see the strain on the joints and cartilage damage because the boots give the feet no stability. In the worst case, X-legs may develop or the kneecap needs to be realigned.


So there are enough reasons to look for alternatives. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the original despite the disadvantages of the Uggs, you will find it at the Bearpaw brand. The Californian label is visually strongly based on the original, but the boots are already for around 80 euros to have. A vegan alternative to the original Uggs is the snug boot by Vegetarian Shoes in imitation suede, which is still slightly cheaper than the original.

If you prefer to bid farewell to the Uggs, you do not have to freeze. There are many great and warming alternatives for the winter. For example, shoes of the Swiss shoe manufacturer Ammann: The traditional brand makes rugged boots made of cowhide, which have a non-slip thick sole and on top are the boots lined with lambskin.

An interesting alternative is also the warm boots of the British brand Fit Flop. The boots of the Snugger collection are also lined with sheepskin and look quite similar to Uggs. But they are water repellent and sit narrower on the foot. The special molded sole is also designed to form the muscles of the legs and buttocks and act against cellulite while walking.

If all these alternatives are still too tedious for you, all you have to do is stay warmand sturdy on your way through mud and mud Wear boots and then slip into the noble pumps in the office. So you have something of your winter boots for a long time, you should pay attention in any case to a good impregnation. If snow blades have formed, house remedies help. With a lemon half or half an onion you can rub in the places. Allow to soak in and then wipe off and then grease and polish the shoes, depending on the material.

Hair dry or wet, that’s the question

From the usual routines at the hairdresser, one rarely deviates. The washing of the hair is an integral part. But not only wet, but also dry haircuts have great advantages that you certainly did not know yet.


Clear, wash, cut, blow dry – the standard package at your favorite barber is always a pleasure and a mini-recovery from the stresses of everyday life. You just enjoy and never question if that’s good for your hair at all. The barber is finally a professional and knows what he does. In fact, there are hair types, the hair washing before cutting does not do so well and should better put on a dry section. For which type the wet variant and for which the dry is better suited, we tell you here.

If you have a wild mane with lots of volume or curls, you should rather put on a dry haircut. Especially curls in the wet state like to do what they want and you never really know what the final cut will look like later.

Even with very voluminous hair hair cutting is recommended in the dry. This makes it much easier for the hairdresser to recognize at which points something more may be cut away and where he would rather leave the scissors off

However, the many advantages of dry hair cutting do not mean that you should wash your hair in the future and do without the relaxed head massage. Especially if you tend to have straight hair or you want a simple haircut without steps, it’s a good idea to wet your hair. For the hairdresser, it is easier to cut a straight and precise line. In addition, you get the wet haircut to enjoy the great care products that make your hair very soft and so wonderfully good smell. The head massage on the sink is just the icing on the cake.